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Nation (race) transfer requirements:
1. The character must be level 55 or higher;
2. The gear-score must be 3000 or higher;
3. 4000 Credits - the price for changing factions;
4. Hero contributions will be saved;
4.1. Characters of a pirate faction can change their faction in this way.
5. You must not be a guild member;
6. You can transfer a character once a month;
7. This service cannot be performed on the Hero Election Day!
Therefore after transferring, you will be removed from the Hero Council and you will not be able to use Hero Council privileges that were available to you earlier in your previous faction.
8. Transfer service is executed after the nearest maintenance work. If the request is submitted after maintenance work, your character will switch factions after the next maintenance work.
To change your faction please submit a ticket here: https://lk.aafree.to/user/auth/

You can choose any race that you prefer.
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Terms changed:
1) Registration of East characters is open;
2) The change now is 4000 Credits for both factions.
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